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Originally Posted by mixflip View Post
I think you are jumping to extreme conclusions arent you? Exactly where did I say I run my piston gun "dry with no oil what so ever?" I said I dont need to run it "wet" meaning that I dont have to continue adding oil that has been burnt off due to all the hot propellent gases that get dumped into the chamber after every shot like on my d.i. gun. That heat burns off the oil on the bolt (often called coking) and it also excellerates the deteriation of the rubber gas o-rings on a d.i.

So my point is that I dont have to worry about carrying around a bottle of oil in my pocket and adding oil to the bolt intermitently through out the day and I dont have to worry about worn out gas o-rings.

Yes I oil the bolt, and at the end of the day my bolt is still oily since no heat was ever transffered to the bolt and no carbon fouling was ever deposited in the star chamber. I dont understand why the d.i. die hards cant understand why folks like me like this feature?

I even have a video that I took after my long day out shooting just to show the benefits of it. No its not perfect. No gun is perfect, but I do like the benefits of my piston gun over my d.i. If you dont agree with my dicission...I dont know what to tell you?

Btw, all that was said in the red...is not all true. I can post a nice list that shows that its hype & hate, if you like, since I own both gas piston and d.i.?
I own both also, and the explain to me how parts are not a problem??? You have to go to vendor specific for your piston AP. Explain to me how piston parts are mil spec??? Who makes a mil spec piston??? There are none??? A AR was designed as DI, adding a piston is a compromise, no way around the fact you have to comprimise to make things fit with in the demensions your working. My LWRC piston brings nothing to the table other than easier cleaning. Read about filthy 14, seriously, I have shot over 1000 rds without lubing on more than one occasion, if I my life was depending on no failures and had shot a 1000 rounds I'm in the wrong place and chances of survival are pretty slim. But thats not what were talkiing about, you dont have to run a DI wet, just a quick shot and your good to go if you want to not clean it.
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