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Originally Posted by TheeBadOne View Post
#1 Claim:

Cop Talk

#2 Exposed by own words (post #13 in the below thread):

Cop Talk
Brothers and Sisters, need I/we say more (no real Cop needs explanation of what this post shows, from one claiming to be a real world Cop)?

#3 When called on his behavior, this:

Cop Talk
Cop Talk
Since then he's put up how many "bad cop" threads with no reference...?

Now, for the coup de grāce...

Not a single post in an Officer down thread. For someone who claims:

  • I'm a Cop
  • I support Cops
I find it more than a bit revealing.


He should let a respected member verify him, I don't think he is LE. Anyone who thinks we can't do it here, need look no further than the emptyPD/MTPD incident. People here can do it, he should prove it. That's just my opinion.

and for the record, you can find me under AZInterceptor ( verified LEO ) at Officer resource . com. Somebody else had AZLawDawg over there. that bastard!!!
Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
What crack pipe fever dream did that idiotic drivel come out of?
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