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Choi kamusta hits mo? I noticed that there can still be some improvements with the "flip" of your gun. Minsan parang malakas/mataas, pero minsan naman parang ok naman. I'm not sure if it's the grip or the load. Yung galaw mo parang ok naman din eh, wala akong masyadong ma comment as long as you are indeed hitting A's.
Also noticed that when you change mags, you use your left hand to hit the release button. I think it would be faster if you use your right hand so that the left hand can go to the fresh mag na kaagad. I have small hands and I would have to switch my grip in order to reach the mag release button. Pero I think this is a lot faster pa din than using your left hand. My last comment is on the last video. At the beep, I noticed you drew your gun first before moving or there was a short pause before drawing. Mas ok if you can draw WHILE you are already moving. Yung lang mga comments ko. Hope it helped a bit. Dapat talaga si master Allegra or si Uncle PG ang mag comment para mas credible hehehe!!

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