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Originally Posted by mstennes View Post
From what I understand through 30 round mags, there has been talk of Beta mags, but I dont know if it went ahead? The 249 is a excellent saw, we just need to get rid of our old worn out ones, and do away with the mag feed option, like its used anyway. I have seen new ones without the mag feed and they have 0 problems, but then any new ones work.

My 249 ran 30rd mags through great. Weird, I know.

30rd. mags for a suppression weapon is STUPID AS HELL. How can one lay down sustained suppressive fire w/ 30rd mags? You cant. Beta mags would play havoc on the front of body armor. Talk about front heavy and awkward. Id like to see someone go prone w/ a full ammo load in beta mags.

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