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I have several AR's and have tons of experience in both gas and pistons. I own both and use both at work as well. I like the piston so much I put my life and my team members lives on the line daily with them. We run the HK 416D at work and find it to be very reliable. It never fails. But I havent had any issues with the gas guns either as long as some kind of cleaning and care is provided. Either will be a fine weapon but if you want to run em dirty and not worry.... Then piston is the only choice IMO. I personally own a POF .223 piston AR and love it as well. I also own 5 other AR's in different calibers and they are all gas and I love them. If I could only choose one to keep it would be the piston for reliability and the fact I can run it dirty if I need to with no worries.
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