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Originally Posted by Z28ricer View Post
Reading comprehension isnt good with you is it ?

There is a difference between saying dont buy one, they suck, and wont do the job, and saying "hey, theres something available thats pretty awesome"

You also wouldnt want to choose a nissan GTR if you're going offroading every weekend through a bunch of forest, might damage the car a bit huh ?

oh and GTR's are slow

Are you serious? I'm a completely stupid arse. But at least I can keep the comparisons on point. You can't keep a discussion and comparison on topic. Now you're referencing using a GTR for off-road use?! You keep changing the comparison perspective. Yeah that makes sense.

You haven't made a solid or valid point in any of your posts. the OP is just going to CCW the thing. It's not like he's an operator that will be banging it up. And if he is, he didn't mention it in any of his posts.

We were talking about comparing 1911's and then you reference carrying it and rolling around under or inside a car, fixing it. Who the h3ll cares about how the owner will carry their pistol. It's his/her money and they can buy whatever the h3ll they want, and decide how or where they want to carry it.

Most of the people are saying to save the money and 1) add a slight bit more and get a better fit/finish pistol, or 2) look for a used pistol that has a nicer fit/finish.

So if you're going to reference an analogy to cars, then it would be like this; Instead of spending $30K to buy a new Chevy Camaro, just save up a little more and get a used Corvette Z06. Both cars will do the job of getting you from A to B, and will be fun around corners. But the better engine and suspensions on a used Z06 will be worth the extra.

But then my reading comprehension isn't good with me...
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