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Originally Posted by Z28ricer View Post
Like I said before, having high end guns that carefully fitted, sweet, however the difference between a full race motor blueprinted to that last .00001" or the perfectly matched to .001% valvespring seat pressure on every cylinder might be nice, but plenty of production engines get people down the road every day reliably.

Dont claim everyone needs a ferrari, or porsche, to get to the grocery store
This is just a bunch of HATER-AID...

If one has the money for a Ferrari, Porsche or any other "high-end exotic" cars and want to buy one, good for them. There's nothing wrong with driving that car as a daily driver. I know guys who drives their Nissan GTR's in the snow as daily drivers. To them, it's just another car (crazy fast car). I'm sure a Hyundai Genesis 2.0T would be a fine daily. But if they can afford to drive the GTR as a daily, more power to them.
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