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Do you drop your gun fairly regularly as you're working under cars ?
Is it somehow getting entangled in clutch cables ?
Every now and again, is it jumping out of it's holster and landing in your toolbox ?
Because unless you're you're using a very, very sad holster, the pragmatic BS detecting side of me is trying to imagine the extra wear it's getting in your holster that mine's missing, or the "Big Chance" that you're taking working on cars.

I have worked under/in/around my car wearing my pistol, a Novaks Hi Power at the time...Had all my interior out, replaced my brakes, my suspension, tranny pan blah blah blah, but most of the time, i'd put it on the seat or my toolbox lid, not because i was worried about "wear" but just because it was the comfortable thing to do.

anyway, sorry for the thread crapping OP, whatcha get ?

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