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Originally Posted by Z28ricer View Post
The reference really required doing stuff I mentioned, if you carried the pistol you posted a pic of like I do mine, it wouldnt look like that.

Carrying one repetitively to go grocery shopping, is a little different than crawling around under cars, sliding on asphalt to see whats up underneath, upside downing yourself on a cars rollcage to peek at the wiring under the dash etc.

I didnt say people dont carry them consistently, just that it wouldnt be a good idea to do the type of work some people do, constantly, with some $3000 custom gun.
Yes, but this one time I was carrying, and the guy at Starbucks gave me a single mocha frapaccino instead of a non fat toffee mocha frapaccino, so I had to, like go totally back to the store again, so that was like carrying twice in one day........

Originally Posted by Z28ricer View Post
I bet there are owners of ferraris out there that have problems too, doesnt mean a vette wont keep you happy.

I'll be buying more Kimbers, for those pushing for $2000+ handguns, I'd love to see you carry your WC, or LesBaer, as religiously as I do my Kimber
is actually what you said, don't arse about.....


whatcha going to get anyway ?

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