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Originally Posted by swinokur View Post
I have a full size TLE/RL II with several thousand rounds through it. It's been perfect and eats whatever I give it.This includes WWB, Speer Lawman, 230g +p HST, and Gold Dots.

I have no issues with the weapon. The only holster wear I can see is slight wear at the muzzle on either side of the slide, but it's minimal.

My guns are tools, so even if it does wear, to me it's not a huge deal.

Based on my experience, I would buy another Kimber. I am looking for a 10mm Eclipse right now.
I spoke with a few people who were carrying Kimber's at the range yesterday. Every person I spoke with loved their Kimber saying they never have had any malfunctions even after 1000's of rounds. Based on experiences from actual owners I am pretty convinced the Kimber is a solid 1911. There are some very nice custom 1911's made by other companies but Kimber seems to be the best offering in regards to reliability and *price* for most people. I think *most* people are not going to be willing to spend 2k-4k on a weapon for daily carry for fear of wear. That being said I sure do like custom offerings by other makers...just not comfortable making such a pricey weapon a carry piece and I'm not huge on safe queens. At this point I'm leaning toward the Kimber for the balance of economy and reliability.

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