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most permit holders choose to simply avoid the hassles and CC
Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg
Not surprising. Most folks like to choose when they get attention, not dress or display themselves in a manner that seeks it constantly.
You're making a common mistake...
OC does not always attract attention, nor do people who OC want to draw attention to ourselves.

Yes, there are a few immature people (who probably should still be under mommy's close control) who show off. But the vast majority of OCers I've met put on a pistol like they carry their cell phones. It's another tool, and while aware that it's there, it's not a huge part of our day.

(Kinda like having breasts... Those who don't have them think they'd be foremost in the thoughts of those who do, while I can tell you from experience I mostly notice them when they get in the way.)

I carry a G17. I have a smaller pistol for when I have to conceal (around family who would probably be a bit upset to learn I carry), but most of the time the 17 is with me. Here in WI we can only OC (so far).

Most people don't notice it.
Some who do admit that they can't tell it's a gun!

The only problem I've ever had was quite a doozy (wrongful arrest, with me getting several thousand dollars reparation), but I have statements from witnesses (police documents) saying that most people around me didn't notice I was armed, and of those who did, some thought it was some sort of medical kit! This in the summer while wearing tan pants & a white shirt - not even low-contrast.

When we get Constitutional Carry, there will be times I conceal & there will still be times I carry openly. I'm an adult, it's my choice - I don't need the gov't to tell me how to dress any more than I need (or want) them to tell me how to worship.
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