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Originally Posted by asiparks View Post
you might be surprised, my EDC is this Wilson b'tail, the only time it's not on my hip is when I'm not wearing trousers...
it's with me at work right now, will be tomorrow and the day after.... well, that would be Saturday, but you get my drift....
The reference really required doing stuff I mentioned, if you carried the pistol you posted a pic of like I do mine, it wouldnt look like that.

Carrying one repetitively to go grocery shopping, is a little different than crawling around under cars, sliding on asphalt to see whats up underneath, upside downing yourself on a cars rollcage to peek at the wiring under the dash etc.

I didnt say people dont carry them consistently, just that it wouldnt be a good idea to do the type of work some people do, constantly, with some $3000 custom gun.

Just like LandRover posts all sorts of pictures of their vehicles doing all sorts of offroading, etc, yet a bunch of soccer moms drive them around, and the most offroading they see is going over a speedbump.
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