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I have been a member of GT for over 10 years, have not posted much, more of a "reader", but do read everyday. I am a young almost 62 male and I expect to be still kicking in 20 years! The wife has been with me for 38 years and we have one granddaughter so far from our daughter. The son is 33 and still not married!

You never know where life takes you! I have been in industrial sales since out of college many moons ago (and am still in it). I don't intend to ever "retire" per say as I think that is a death sentence! But I don't intend to be in this job forever.

To that end, over the last three years, I developed a shotgun choke with a certain type port (one of my ambitions was to contribute to the shooting sports in some way). The choke has been patented and I will shortly be issued the official patent The chokes are for sale to the public. This goes to prove that you are never too young to start something new!

My greatest wish is that I live long enough to see the grandchildren grow up in a prosperous USA. I hope and pray the US of A will still be around providing opportunities for all its citizens twenty years from now! My skepticism is winning out at this moment in time.
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