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Originally Posted by swatbwana View Post
Read the blog!
RadGeek talks of balko being the only supporter besides the family...
I read the blog page. It doesn't say that at all. It talks of Balko supporting Cory Maye, NOT Mumia.

Here's the paragraph mentioning Balko:

As far as I know, Cory Maye had no real pre-existing support network other than his family, until Balko started writing about the case. Given the situation, frankly, the amount that Radley Balko has been able to accomplish single-handedly on this case, without any significant pre-existing network behind Cory Maye, is inspiring and nothing short of heroic.

Claiming that someone is a Mumia supporter is a damning charge, and frankly libelous if untrue. If there's some other cite which proves this, let's hear it.

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