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Originally Posted by PrecisionRifleman View Post
I saw the Kimber and Springfield in a local shop and I really liked them both however it seems Kimber has more options in the higher quality line. I could very well be wrong as I don't have much experience with the nicer quality 1911's. I do like Wilson Combat however they are more expensive than the Kimber by a fair amount. I'm honestly not wanting to spend more than $1,200, but I am willing to spend up to $1,500 out the door. That being said I've really liked the finish of the Kimber Eclipse for a long time now (ever since I first saw one at a gun show about 3 years ago). I don't want to pay for a gun that only looks good because I also want to CCW the weapon so reliability is high important to me. Any feedback from owners or anyone who has ran one through it's paces is appreciated. I am mostly looking for any potential reliability issues as I have heard of people having issues with high end 1911's not feeding hollow points without issues. If there are any other brands in my price range that I should be considering please let me know so I can make sure I'm getting the best bang for my hard earned dollar.

Below is a link to the pistol I am seriously interested in.
I dont know if you have a local you deal with but I got a great deal on my Kimber from Kentucky Gun Co. I dealt with a little lady named Sarah and she was awesome. They had several Ultra Raptors and she took several pics of the grips on a couple that she thought were the best looking so I could make the final decision. She shipped that day and I saw my new toy 3 days later. Flawless transaction, great price and great customer service. BTW, The Eclipse was my second choice, I do love the look. Its a bit heavier but I think that finish will hold up better for EDC. I bought my Sig from her too and the transaction was as seemless as the first. I am probably gonna call her today and order the S&W M&P I've been eye ballin for a few weeks.

For what it's worth, I have 900 down the pipe on my Ultra Raptor without one issue. Love my Kimber =) It says out of stock but I know the website is not always up to date.

If you talk to Sarah, tell her the guy that named his Kimber after her sent you! lol
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