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Originally Posted by PhoneCop View Post
I recommend discounting the Kimber haters, many of whom who never owned one, had a unique bad experience with one, or have heard the repeated complaint seeming from vocal minorities.

Every Kimber owner I can verify loves their Kimber.

I own two. Not a single complaint.

Of the two, I'd hedge towards the TLE. Though I suspect you'd be pleased with either.

Note, I did not disparge any other brand of 1911. I did not repeat any hearsay negatives against another manufacture or report any negative informatin about brands I've personally observed, as they are truly irrelevent.

1) There aren't any Kimber haters in this thread. The only negative comment was from Samuse and he has a negative comment for everything.

2) I have two Kimbers and don't love them.

3) You spelled "information" wrong.
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