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This is his third arrest in as many years.

Why then is he still employed as a police officer. Is this maybe why the public has the preception that you protect your own.

We had an incident where an off duty police officer was found drunk passed out behind the wheel of his car in a public garage,engine running. Police were called they passed it to the sheriff's is normal practice in these cases for conflict of intrest reasons. But even this wasn't done for over two hours. The sheriff arrived an hour after that and by the time they all screwed around and took him for a alcohol test something like 6 hours had passed and he passed the test and was not charged with DWI and is still working today. What would of happened to a civilian in the same situation. If your honest you would have to say he would of been in jail for at least 3 hours at the six hour mark charged with DWI. I say this because it has happened under the exact same circumstances in years past. Those are the type of things people such as myself who have never had any run in's with law enforcemnt and really have no ax to grind wonder about. Now you can flame me as anti LEO really I am quite the opposite, I would just like to know how you justify that type of incident and do you feel those type of actions hurt the image of LEO's in the publics eye.
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