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Originally Posted by Putok-Glock View Post
Zen you shoot a revo like a pistol! and your moves were effortless, something to emulate! actually ngayon ko lang nakita how you shoot...
Thanks sir PG for the comment, turo nila ahst at ans yun. hehehe

Originally Posted by st. matthew View Post
smooth, galing!
medyo nag-gain ka yata ng weight, bagay
I still have the same weight since 4th year highschool some clothes just make me look thinner. hehehe i need to gain a few more pounds so my eye socket would stop shaking when im shooting major

Originally Posted by jawel View Post
galing ng shoot mo zen ah, tips naman dyan how to shoot revo! hehehe, btw thanks sa revo smithing tips mo, worked on my 625 last saturday
Glad to help... hope to see you soon in revolver division
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