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Length isn't the problem ....

Originally Posted by Burien View Post
Maybe the longer barrel just will not fit in the slide? anyone try and place a long 10mm barrel in a g-29 slide? Maybe the barrel would be too long to fit inside the barrel "hole" in the frame and the slot cut for it? Just a thought... I have the KKM stock lenght and it GREATLY increases velocity and no glock smile on my brass.
I think the reason no 6 inch (or 5.5 inch) barrels exist for the Glock 29 is probably not enough demand. KKM makes a 4.5 inch..which is nice...and I have a STORMLAKE on my Glock 29 the same size (4.48) approx as the KKM. I have KKM barrels on some of my other GLOCKS and I like them. Same for STORMLAKE and Lonewolf..they all work well.

A GLOCK 20 extended barrel (like my 6 inch lonewolf) has different lugs than the GLOCK 29 so they aren't interchangable. (too bad).

I really love my GLOCK 29....and I just bought another one..In the middle
of our Kalifornistan 10 day wait right now....

Its another OD frame..which I like more than basic black.

The 10 Ring
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