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I must have skipped a page when I replied.

I understand/agree to an extent where he's coming from, but I'm set in believing that the 'bad cops' truly are a minority. The 84 year old neck-broken-thing is a good example. Was I there? No. Have I had to use force on elderly people? Yes. Do I go about it like it's a 20 year old Camden corner boy who is high on wet at 1:30am prowling around some hell hole apartment complex? Of course not.

Perhaps his rhetoric would be best served by trying to be an example/mentor to the young cops out there, get promoted, and make a difference. You know; a "think globally/act locally" kinda thing.

Trolling this group of guys isn't going to accomplish anything than generate homoerotic posts from Cochese and TBO data-mining every post you've ever made.

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