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Originally Posted by JSandi View Post
Well I didn't expect him to be on anyones Christmas Card list here, considered that most of y'all are slightly right of the Kaiser when it come to law and order issues...
Holy clueless about the regulars in CT, Batman!

Originally Posted by JSandi View Post
I simply posted an article for discussion and the peanut gallery freaked out...
No, the "peanut gallery" (the members who have hundreds, if not thousands of posts in this particular forum) discussed and disagreed with the article. Go post an article discussing what's a warmer coat: Mink or Rabbit, on a PETA forum.

Originally Posted by JSandi View Post
You know... I think the owners here have the name of this particular form all wrong.

It should be changed to "Cop Worship" instead of "Cop Talk"...

Cuz its clear that all any of you guys want to hear is praise, worship and positive reinforcement from your peers. And when someone, anyone comes here and does not tow the party lien they are immediately case aside as a heretic or troll.
Uh, posting an article like that where many of the regular posters here have recently attended cop funerals can easily earn yourself one of those titles, duh.

Thanks for (improperly) posting that compelling article. I'll respon in an appropriate manner.

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