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Originally Posted by Kadetklapp View Post
I agree that he may be a cop, but completely disagree with what you are saying about physical conditioning having anything to do with bad cops.

Right now we have a "cop" sitting in our jail on a million dollar bond for beating the ever-loving piss out of his girlfriend, yanking the phone out of the wall while she was on 911, and holding her hostage for three hours. He's extremely fit and at one time was a street-smart cop. He's an absolute piece of garbage and an embarrassment to our profession. This is his third arrest in as many years.

Then there are the various other media-sensationalized "bad cops" out there. Not a single one that I've seen has been some pretzel-dust covered fatass.

To the contrary, instead of hyper-analyzing the caloric intake of recruits, worrying over getting that mile and a half run in EXACTLY 16 minutes and 48 seconds, we worry more about the moral character of the person we are hiring, the ability of their comprehension of what their duties will be, and whether or not they possess a spine. Then we will worry about if they can scale a fence and run a mile and a half.
Dude READ my post and the point I made, It is also the people that got in this line of work because they needed a job, not because they believe in what we do..(the guy you described)
Problem is we do have "that guy and girl " working with us that got in this profession because they needed a job, not because they believed in what they were doing and that is very problematic, and why we see ourselves in the news painted in a bad light.'

I made no big deal of fitness I said they could physically handle themselves that means mindset and willingness to act.(correctly) not gym rats that beat on people cause they can.
How do you establish intent?
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