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Originally Posted by swatbwana View Post
I have a different take I think he is really a cop, I have felt some of his sentiments I have seen and supervised a few bad cops that could not handle themselves and resorted to spray and stick before I ever would, but then I realized it was not their fault.

They have been allowed to thrive in our profession because of lax physical standards and poor training.

I started this job in 1983 with Guys that I would put up against anyone physically as far as holding their own when the chips were down.

I can look at our present state across the country today and say "not so much".

I am sure many/all of you here are in the "able to go " category and work at your craft to be effective at your job.

Problem is we do have "that guy and girl " working with us that got in this profession because they needed a job, not because they believed in what they were doing and that is very problematic, and why we see ourselves in the news painted in a bad light.

Do some stats say we are less likly to be attacked? maybe, but with the amount of training we have, the almost universal issue of protective vests, radio tracking ,GPS monitoring and advanced life support it does not surprise me we have less deaths, look at the number of soldiers that have been badly wonded making in back alive. We have become very adept at saving the heart lungs and brain...

I still see a local officer that made it out of a situation alive, but will never work again due to a brain injury after a shooting she made it out, but at what cost..
I agree that he may be a cop, but completely disagree with what you are saying about physical conditioning having anything to do with bad cops.

Right now we have a "cop" sitting in our jail on a million dollar bond for beating the ever-loving piss out of his girlfriend, yanking the phone out of the wall while she was on 911, and holding her hostage for three hours. He's extremely fit and at one time was a street-smart cop. He's an absolute piece of garbage and an embarrassment to our profession. This is his third arrest in as many years.

Then there are the various other media-sensationalized "bad cops" out there. Not a single one that I've seen has been some pretzel-dust covered fatass.

To the contrary, instead of hyper-analyzing the caloric intake of recruits, worrying over getting that mile and a half run in EXACTLY 16 minutes and 48 seconds, we worry more about the moral character of the person we are hiring, the ability of their comprehension of what their duties will be, and whether or not they possess a spine. Then we will worry about if they can scale a fence and run a mile and a half.

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