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Originally Posted by nikerret View Post
These two quoted parts make sense to me when I look back on how I was taught. In the academy, the emphasis was on theories, not application. They taught more about the theory of when to use what level of force for what situation than the actual ability to be effective in applying force.

Instead of giving ANY physical tests, the few things that were documented were done so just to measure progress. Progress was not graded, only recommended. However, PT and DT time was continually deducted from the curriculum to fit in more report writing (basic grammar and punctuation), ethics, and racial profiling training. With a GED or high school diploma, we should all be able to write a basic report. Any problems with a person in regard to ethics and being actively racist can not be taught or corrected in a few months at an academy. You are either racially motivated, or you're not. You either practice things ethically, or you don't. These things need to be checked by the hiring agency.

Throughout the beginning of grade school to the end of high school and what college I attended, it was drilled into my head that the only thing that mattered was learning enough to get a high paying job that commanded reverence. To aim for nothing short of upper management.

At the academy, I saw this mentality in full. Most of the people didn't care about knowing the knowledge on a subject. They just wanted to know the answers on the test. Most people only wanted the instructors to go over what would specifically be on the test.

At one time, tests may have been a measure of understanding on a subject. I have never seen it from a learning institution. Everything is about the written grade. Just having an "A" in something, sans understanding, is better than actually knowing the subject matter and receiving a "B".

LE, like most official measures in life, reward the book smart exclusively. However, in LE, the book smart don't fare as well as the street smart. Thus, they are promoted to management (ie. higher paid positions). This completes our circle of what should be sought after in life (per the teachings received by my generation).

I don't think people are any more good or bad today than they have ever been. There is no profession that hasn't been grossly soiled by reports of those "bad apples".

Combine the facts that the most sensational stories (as mentioned in a previous post) make the most profitable news and the great loss in privacy of individuals' activities (due to technology); and you end up with a lot of skeletons being exposed that 30 years ago would have stayed buried do to a lack of shovels and a willingness to let the dead lie.

The trend today is to play a dirtier political game than in recent history, but the pendulum will always swing. This was not allowed decades ago. We can find accounts of such behavior in older documented history.
This is an excellent post.

Originally Posted by JSandi View Post
Roger that, I'll stand down then.

Sorry for the ruffled feathers.
No apology necessary.

Feel free to remain and participate, by all means.

Just remember who your target audience is here and why we spend our off time in this strange corner of GT.
Someone brought that up at a shooting I was involved in. I said he should have stopped. They said "what about Garner v. Tennessee."? I told them, " his name ain't Garner and we ain't in Tennessee!"

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