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Originally Posted by Cochese View Post
It is a shame it took you three pages here and umpteen threads to articulate your opinion, but I'm glad you figured out how to communicate.

See, what you have in this little enclave of Glock Talk is a bunch of like minded cops who all represent the good in our profession. We are all gun friendly and respectful of the Constitution. I have personally met and maintain friendships with a number of folks here and I can tell you.... target somewhere else.

We all understand fundamentally what you are trying to say. We recognize we are our own worst enemy, wit regard to public perception and reaction.

Difference here between US and YOU is that we are experienced enough to know we cannot change other people by posting inflammatory articles on a cop forum. We are also professional enough to know that our own personal actions and levels of professionalism work in our favor and benefit in our own personal AORs.

Your soapbox grandstanding is little more than a self depreciating introspective into what's probably more wrong with you and less wrong with the rest of us.

I think I speak for everyone here (with over 10,000 posts in Cop Talk, I'd like to think so) when I ask that you take all of these anti-LE threads and cram them up your ass.

We come here to relax and shoot the **** and trade information and ideas, not to whip ourselves like Arthur Dimmsdale in the closet with a bloody scourge, because of some percieved NEW public opinion about why cops suck.

Newsflash, there have always been anti-cop anti-establishment types out there. They just didn't have an internet powered soapbox to spread their stupidity.

Seriously, take this place for what it is and act like the cop you claim to be, or GTFO.

Roger that, I'll stand down then.

Sorry for the ruffled feathers.
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