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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
I might be a little more open minded than you think. Why do you think I am asking, rather than trashing you outright?

What is your motivation for posting this kind of propaganda, and yes, your posting history in general?
I've just become more critical of the profession over the years. We claim to hold ourselves to a higher standard. But what I've seen personally is the exact opposite.

More and more we are promoting the incompetent and incapable. The quality of new-hires has hit rock bottom and started to dig. We allow the bad officers to somehow skate while we punish the good ones who just make an honest mistake. We act in a manor that's sometimes, many times appalling.

Then we react surprised when the public lashes out at us, a public poll finds that 47% of the people polled no longer trust us. Or someone with a large megaphone writes articles such as this one.

Ignoring this will not make it go away. Facts do not cease to exist because we simply chose to ignore them.

More and more we are seeing criminals acts by ourselves being blasted all over youtube, et al... which does nothing but hurt the honest cops trying to do the right thing. And the whole idea of the one bad apple theory no longer passes the smell test.

We've been blaming the "one bad apple" for decades now and the official bad apple count has far exceeded the acceptable bad apple to bushel basket ratio. The argument no longer holds water when you begin to look at the sheer number and the magnitude of news stories in print and TV media today of misconduct and crimes committed by officers on a daily basis. And these are just the incidents that are reported in the media. Incidents from departments that are large enough to warrant media scrutiny.

Now this could be two fold.

First, its that incidents like this have been going on all these years, in the same numbers and rates. It took the internet to shine light upon the issue.

Or we are really are seeing a rise in cases of misconduct.

Which is it, I don't know.

But it is my experience that people rarely change regardless of occupation. There has to be consequences for bad behavior and those consequences have to be firm and permanent in order for them to make an impact.

The public hates us because of us... they didn't wake up one morning and just chose to start hating us. This is been growing for years and its getting worse.

We can't turn into Mr. Rogers and still do our job, that I completely understand. But if we don't find a middle ground to walk there will be a real War on Cops and all of us will be taking fire daily. The public is upset over the economy, over heavy handed government laws and regulations, traffic cameras, code enforcement, aggressive traffic enforcement and a rise in traffic related fines. And regardless of what the case may be, they are upset at us for enforcing such laws and regs. And see us as the oppressors.

When Rome fell it was the soldiers/law enforcers who bore the brunt of the publics rage. Those the public saw most and those who's face the public associated most with an out of control government.

I see the same problems as all the other guys do. The public no longer respects us and therefore tend to be more dynamic when dealing with us.

Here we once saw a car chase a month more or less. Now its two or three a week. Foot chases, resistances with force. We have seen 2 patrol cars vandalized recently.

You get to a call and no one wants to even acknowledge your presence muchless answer any questions you ask. Or take part in anything close to an on-scene investigation. Despite the fact that they called us.

Its a true problem, but I contend that the catalyst wasn't too much fluoride in the drinking water. It was us, they way we have conducted ourselves in recent history and how the public has perceived our actions recently.
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