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Originally Posted by Putok-Glock View Post
CONGRATS Zen for being the CHAMP revo shooter in 2nd MacMac Cup last Sat-Sun
and to Ahtsay and Ans in Std.

I met the BOGS shooting team in Wilson last Sat am. they arrived as I was about to leave. we had a short chat. Nice seeing you guys...Dont know yet how we fared there, no results yet in the 'net.

Hope you can post your vids
Thanks Sir PG! I had a pretty decent game, my first time to be psychologically balanced during a match unfortunately, i didnt get videos of ans and ahstay since we were in different squads so that we could finish the match early. ans (aka charles ong) also played revo, sayang dapat top 3 siya, napagod na ata trigger finger nya sa last stage of the match.

Here's my video for my first stage, medyo fresh pa trigger finger ko. hehehe
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