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I don't regularly comment in these types of threads, but the discussion here caught my attention, mainly this line here:

"Cuz its clear that all any of you guys want to hear is praise, worship and positive reinforcement from your peers. And when someone, anyone comes here and does not tow the party lien they are immediately case aside as a heretic or troll."

Its not about a party line, or anything like it. Cops are cut from all sorts of cloth, and have about every differing opinion under the sun. Myself, I probably am pretty far right on a lot of things, but that is irrelevant. The impression that I get is that you have missed something important - that we are all "cops," and realistically, often times the ONLY person we can count on to have our best interests in mind is another blue uniform at o-dark-thirty in an alley, or the side of a lonely highway. Not supervisors, admin, the public - but other cops. You leave the distinct impression from about all your posts in all your threads you could give a damn about your brothers and sisters in uniform, and have some sort of axe to grind. I don't know what it is, or why - but it taints everything you put up here, and makes it hard to look at without rolling one's eyes. That impression is what makes people think you are a heretic or troll, not the material you post. I guarantee you that 95% of it is in the delivery, not the actual package.

To address the article. It's a mediocre piece that obviously skirts around the totality of the circumstances to push an angle. I don't know the author or his/her work, but if this piece is indicative of the quality of material he/she produces on a regular basis, clearly they have not graduated to the "big leagues." Even a relative newcomer would have the common sense to look at the totality of circumstances, which the others have touched on here. I think media sensationalism is part of the perception.

Whether or not this is an "anti-cop trend" I can only tell you that from personal experience, and five years on the job there is something seriously wrong with people now, and it sure as heck seems like we are hated more than ever, or perhaps criminals are just emboldened by an apathetic judiciary. What makes it worse are the guys we have "working for a paycheck" who look out for themselves first, and everyone else including their squadmates second.

It's a dangerous job, and its getting more dangerous. Experience and numbers support that. The sociologist in me tells me its a million different things contributing to it. Calling it an anti-cop trend seems to make sense.

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