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will do. thanks!

Originally Posted by rfb45colt View Post
It uses a small can of compressed air. I've used one, and it doesn't go very far. It's OK for touch ups, but not a full blown coating job.

Check out Harbor Freight Tools. You might be surprised at how cheap a small air-brush & compressor set up is. You only need 30-40 lbs per sq in of compressed air to apply duracoat with an air brush. You will need some thinner to clean up your air brush. I found that Ace Hardware sells a heavy-duty laquer thinner (must say "for epoxy resins") that works great for clean up. Duracoat sells their own thinner (called "Reducer") that I'd use if you want to "cut" the duracoat, but I've not needed to thin it at all to spray it on.
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