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This happened during the summer of 2009.

I was carrying openly while out picking up posters from our garage sale. I parked on the corner and got out with my 5 year old daughter. Approaching us on Lowery were 2, well, uh, potentially not well-intentioned individuals. They slowed down as they got to my car and kind of "hung out" for a moment, without letting their eyes leave us. I had them in view the entire time, while carrying on a pleasant conversation with my daughter. I am left handed, hence, my carry gun, the remarkably outstanding, accurate, and did I mention, large, P7, was not immediately visible to them. We were about 45 feet from them as we reached the corner. While my daughter grabbed the signs, I casually turned about 115 degrees. I paused, making sure they saw my gun, silhouetted nicely against a white shirt, and rested my hand, innocently enough, on the pistol as I continued to make small talk with my daughter.

Their demeanor changed dramatically and an animated conversation took place between them. One said, in not-quite-a-whisper-end-of-exchange-way, "Damn, that is a big gun, Nxxxxr! I'm out." As I led my daughter around a large column on the sidewalk to keep the distance manageable if things got hinky, they were on the move in their original direction. As they passed, we were now on the street side of my car, one remarked, "Evenin' officer" with eyes straight ahead. The other guy had his head bowed.

Now, I am not the brightest bulb in the drawer, but I have a small suspicion that my openly carried firearm may have refocused these particular gentlemenís intentions.
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