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Here's one for y'all.

I recently moved to Iowa. I'm from TN and have my CCW from there. Iowa's laws just changed on January 1st so that CCW and OC is now a right protected by the constitution of the state of Iowa.

My girlfriend sent me to buy some sugar and hot pockets from our local Hyvee. I was OC'ing my Glock 26 with a +2 mag extender/grip in a Fobus holster. I walked into the store, gathered my items, and got no odd looks or stares. While I was in the checkout line, the cashier noticed me OC'ing, and asked, "Is that a Glock?" She and I talked for about 5 minutes about my pistol, with her saying she wanted to buy one as a birthday present for her boyfriend. This was in full view of the customers, the management, and within about 50 feet of a banking branch. No one but her said a word about it to me.
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