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Once I was carrying my G19 in public, loaded and slung visibly in its Roni G1 carbine conversion kit, resulting in a shoulder weapon approximately the size of an Uzi. I was in civilian garb and was not mobilized at the time. I wanted to get the train home and I thought that its presence might freak out the station guards manning the mandatory security checkpoint. I had my gun license in hand when I was approached by one of the guards just before the checkpoint, which I showed. The guard inspected my license and asked me to take the magazine out of the pistol. I said that the gun was a pistol and not a rifle and pistols are supposed to be carried loaded [sic]. He consented and I went my way, later boarding the train. As I was acting normally, few people took any notice of this unusual weapon combination once I had passed security and I was not asked any questions, despite open carrying.
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