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Originally Posted by jdavionic View Post
This is obviously location dependent. However I can tell you that in NE GA, the home break ins are not "rare". In addition, home invasions are not "rare". In testimony that I heard on GJ (over 500 cases over 6 months), we repeatedly heard "...and this is becoming more common". We heard cases of people that were targeted because they were small business owners that had some bad habits. Elderly that were targeted because they were deemed "easy" targets. I could go on & on with a wide variety of circumstances.

When the people are caught, they are not charged with "home invasion" (not a specific crime in our county) since it is actually different crimes that they have committed with specifics depending upon the specific incident - e.g., aggravated assault. Sure, we heard several cases where people were involved in drugs and were attacked by other BGs. However we also heard disturbing cases where the victims were innocent and targeted for other reasons like the ones that I've mentioned.

While I think keeping the chamber clear on shotgun is not a bad idea for the reasons that I previously posted (see Ayoob article), I don't think that you can assume that the BG is not prepared for an armed encounter. If they are breaking into a home during the day when most people are at work, this assumption is probably valid (IMO). They likely just wanted to get in & out with stuff that is easy to sell. However if they enter your home between early evening and early morning, they are likely expecting you to be home, they are likely armed, and they likely have a plan for what to do with you.
That's all I'm saying. Jdavionic and MacG22 say it better than I do, but that's what I'm trying to get across.
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