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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
Wow! Just, wow! Pop psychology, personal attacks, ignorance, and failing reading comprehension, all in one post. You should see if you can get your own show on that new Oprah network.
I didn't see any pop psychology; Burnout is a real thing.

Personal attacks; Perhaps. Of course it could be a response to what I think was incredibly dangerous advice.

Ignorance; About what?

Failing reading comprehension; I made the assumption that I might have mis-understood something. That's why I asked for clarification. Haven't seen it yet. Just a personal attack regarding Oprah (that's low...)

I read your post. With out specifying any particular situation it appears to me that you advocate shoot anyone in your home. You furthermore state that it is easy to do and legal. Please explain how that is reasonable or legal period?

I maintain that it is rare that your home gets broken into, even more rare that it happens when you are there, rarer still that person is interested in an armed conflict with an obviously armed owner.

If they are - you should certainly be ready. So, either make your position clear, or I'm sticking with your post was typed with a lot of anger, and verbal shooting from the hip.

And as for David living in Lollipop, you say that isn't a personal attack? He didn't say you were living in a Chuck Bronson movie from the 70's...

Just yell/scream/spout. I'm sure that will give people all the right information. Especially the new shooters who don't know any better.

So I'm asking - are you going to make it clear, or was shoot anyone in the house what you meant and it doesn't need to be any more clear? If not for me, maybe for the people out there who are Oprah fans and even dumber than me...

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