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Horn is hardly a good case to use when examining the castle doctrine. Horn saw burglars entering his NEIGHBOR'S house, and went out and provoked them, they followed him onto his front yard, and he shot them after issuing a poor warning while on the phone with 911.

Go to this site, run by the NRA. Every week they run stories of people who defend their homes and are treated exactly as the castle doctrine states:

Now, if you're not in a castle state, things are more complex. I AM in a castle state. And I know, from copious reading and researching, that I am not required to interview an invader in order to be provided protection under the law. I'm not saying that it may not be prudent at times, but I do not need to uncover or divine their intentions for my family and I in order to be protected under the law for my self defense actions.

However, this doesn't mean that I don't see great wisdom in your assertion that posturing may diffuse some large percentage of circumstances where a person was drunk, drugged, or confused and truly wished the home owner no harm. And I think it's good to have a strategy that allows you to account for that whenever possible. Posturing with warnings, slide-rackings, etc may accomplish that and it may be a great thing for a person to incorporate those things.

But they stand as a part a strategy, but not really connected to whether a person is protected by castle laws.
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