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I always love this kind of nonsense, given that I teach the criminal code and assorted other legal issues on a regular basis. As I've stated repeatedly, jsut because you can shoot someone (justification) it doesn't mean it is a good idea to shoot someone. Check out the Joe Horn and Rodney Peairs cases at the local llibrary and get back to us on that.
Great, so you stipulate that my point is correct, but then call it nonsense. Well played sir, I'm sure the people who sleep through your classes at the local community college are being well served.

Joe Horn was outdoors, and he was no-billed. I don't think he was even arrested. Really, WTF are you talking about?

OK, when you can find me a burglar who will say that he was willing to continue burlarizing the house after finding out the police are coming, the home owner is awake and armed and waiting for him, I'll be glad to look into it. But all the research says just the opposite.
Here's a nice contradiction on your part:

And most, no matter what they are looking for, only want to get out of th ehouse when they realize the homeowner is awake, armed, and waiting for them.
What are we talking about, your extensive expeirience making "felony arrests" which eclipses Inspector Callahan, or "research"?

As far as show you a burglar who will stick around when he knows the police are coming, how TF do you think I found so many? I don't know what kind of felons you stumbled across, but they don't seem to hold a candle to the guys I've caught masterbating in hallways while watching people sleep.

Also, lots of burglars don't give the homowner the courtesy of letting them call the police. Maybe they are more respectful of homowners in lollipop land where you live and make three arrests a month.

And 3 felony arrests a month is dog**** for an average, just so you know. And "felony arrests" is a silly stat to throw around too. A dick swears out a warrant on a check kiter and the check is for over $200.00 and he's got one of Dirty Harry's "felony arrests". We had guys do that three times a day and then get the check kiter to walk in for his arrest. We didn't even keep stats on that stuff.

Killing anybody is very simple. But the problem does not stop with the killing. The killing starts a process that often is rather complicated and expensive.
The process stops within a few hours when the window screen is cut and the killed person is in someone else's house.

You claim to have lots of experience, but your posts don't indicate that. It almost seems like your experience comes from watching TV when you use terms like "felony arrests" and "research". You sound like a guy who makes his decisions based on "research" and how much trouble his actions will cause him, rather than the death or injury that could result from protecting yourself, and in your case, the public you are sworn to protect. We had lots of guys like that in admin. Always telling everybody what kind of trouble they could have if they do this or that. They never did anything themselves, they just "promulgated directives" that the real cops had to ignore when they were actually on the road.
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