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Originally Posted by MacG22 View Post
Actually, in many states David, it can be. Castle laws are built upon the idea that your home is a "secondary location", in criminal terms, and for a majority of circumstances you are protected from both criminal and civil liability.
I'd question the "many" claim. Sadly, many if not most folks live in areas where the protection from criminal and civil cases is rather limited. And even if the protection is there, you might still be out a bunch of money before the courts decide that protection is available to you. Again, Joe Horn is a great example.
There are a few circumstances that can bring question, and issues of coercion. But in general, if someone surprises you in your home and you defend yourself, you get the benefit of the doubt.
Even if you get the benefit of the doubt you are still going to have problems. Whether those problems are a big deal to the individual or not I can't address. But whatever the problems are they would not be there if the BG took advantage of the chance to go away.
However, not all states are Castle states.
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