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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
How many burglars have you caught and interviewed?
Don't know. I made about 900 felony arrests, but I don't remmeber what percentage were for which crimes. But trust me, Ive caught them, interviewed them, taken statements from them and sent them to prison. And most, no matter what they are looking for, only want to get out of th ehouse when they realize the homeowner is awake, armed, and waiting for them.
Burglars that don;t want a confrontation go to great trouble to avoid occupied homes. Occasionally when they walk in on someone by accident, they flee. When someone breaks into your home at 2300, they want you to be there.
OK, when you can find me a burglar who will say that he was willing to continue burlarizing the house after finding out the police are coming, the home owner is awake and armed and waiting for him, I'll be glad to look into it. But all the research says just the opposite.
Killing a burglar is VERY simple.
Killing anybody is very simple. But the problem does not stop with the killing. The killing starts a process that often is rather complicated and expensive.
The "castle doctrine" has been around since before the Mayflower. Read your state's criminal code regarding "justification" so you can know what you're talking about instead of hearing gun shop and internet blather about what you need to do. Check out the local library and get back to us on that. This isn't Great Britain (yet).
I always love this kind of nonsense, given that I teach the criminal code and assorted other legal issues on a regular basis. As I've stated repeatedly, jsut because you can shoot someone (justification) it doesn't mean it is a good idea to shoot someone. Check out the Joe Horn and Rodney Peairs cases at the local llibrary and get back to us on that.
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