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Originally Posted by Jason D View Post
My name is Jason, and I live in MI.

I am part of a small group of pre2k members that still post to the forum with any regularity.
I have been blessed with getting to know some of our great posters in some of the out of the way places on GT. Those that know what I am talking about including Kilgore, know just how good some of GT's members really are.

While I know this forum is generally dedicated to the Glock pistol.
Everyone knows that the M1911 is king. In 20 years it will still reign supreme.

Wood and steel is still better than polymer and aluminum.
Even though AR's are fun to shoot. Most of us still enjoy the ability to own full capacity magazines, and military like weapons. I hope my children can one day enjoy the freedoms that I do.

PM-OP always.
*sniff, that is beautiful bro!*

Originally Posted by tous View Post
VR should have a have a large supply of sent dollars by then.

<--- average person
<--- nothing special now
<--- less so in 20 years
<--- has never had STATUS
Tous!! Come back!!!!!

Originally Posted by Angry Fist View Post
Quit smoking... now! Someone cap me if I'm smoking in 20 years. Please.

Could cap you now and make sure??? JK

I have it on authority that I'm an ass. Even my best friends say so. My best friends also say that they will be with me to the bitter end. I think the end will be sweet, not bitter.
('bout this time I also hear, stfu...)
__________________ going to eat that??

Originally Posted by Arquebus12
Moral ambiguity is an asset in a combat situation... makes fragging a viable option.

Hagens believe in kicking a man when he's down.
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