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Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
I'm going out a limb here and saying you are a law enforcement officer.

I also think it's time you take a job behind the desk. Sounds like you have been out there a bit too long and your perception is extremely skewed.

Maybe I'm wrong - but nothing you are saying sounds healthy, sensible or legal in any sense. You may want to check into that.

As was said - my gun does not have anything in the chamber (lots of reasons), and there will be a rack. But the second that rack is done, there is round in the chamber with a gun raised pointed harms way with a finger on the trigger and the safety off. It is entirely possible that I go from that situation right to BANG. But I won't if I don'y have/need to.

The LAST thing I want to do is pull that trigger (lots of reasons), but it is the FIRST thing that will happen if I ID a target and decide threat. And there isn't a lot of margin in that decision on the BG's part.

All I heard from you was (from what I gather); I a cop - shoot anyone in your house. I'm tired of dealing with it and you don't have any balls if you don't.

Explain if I missed a basic point there - or clarify?

Most of the BG's in your house are there when you aren't.
Most of them there when you are there by accident.
Most of them there by accident will leave when they realize you are.
Most of them there not by accident still don't want-intend an armed/resisted conflict if that's obvious.

Now we are down to a very few that really don't care. They will be easy to know because they are coming at you, firing at noise or whatever. All bad moves on their part. You *might get a 1/1,000,000 lucky shot off that works. Then you gave up your tactical advantage.
Wow! Just, wow! Pop psychology, personal attacks, ignorance, and failing reading comprehension, all in one post. You should see if you can get your own show on that new Oprah network.
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