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Originally Posted by MacG22 View Post
Right. In your home (in Castle states) you do are not required to try and understand the complexities of the person's possible intent. You don't need to evaluate if you may be able to flee without being noticed or try to divine if the person will only take the tv, or if they will take the tv and rape your daughter.

You are allowed to defend your home from an intruder without having to know about their intent, as the invasion itself is justification. That does not mean we SHOULDN'T try to determine intent some times, or try to be careful to give someone a fair chance to explain. It's not wise to just shoot at every creek in the floor, and no one is suggesting that anyone should.

But to a large extent, you don't need to know if the drunk in your house at 2 am--who broke your window or door-- was there accidentally, was there to harm your family, or was there to steal medications, in order to be protected from civil and criminal punishment.

So in some ways, it is pretty simple.
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