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Originally Posted by Allegra View Post
which had the faster time, the aggresive satge or the relaxed stage?
cant compare them but I was more relaxed when I ran those aggressive stages (Bolo Cup) w/ the Glock as compared to those laid-back 2011 runs (Nats). iirc, I had the whole 12 stages of Bolo in 3hrs only w/o feeling tired afterwards. I think it had to do much w/ the preparations I made. I didnt want to mention it here or to anyone including myself as I dont cater much to alibis when it comes to evaluating my perf. But for purposes of objectivity and sharing, here it is:

Immediately before the Bolo was our 6mos. gun ban due to the Natl elections. In that period, I dryfired 6 days a week, 1hr min each day and also made physical preps but it was not so "physical" as I had to consider my age and my not so athletic body. I worked mostly on my stamina and flexibility. After the ban I hit the range 3x aweek. Thats for the Bolo...

In the Natls, I prepared the same way during the 45day bngy election gun ban preceding it. The ban ended Nov 10, but in Nov 11 I hurt my back so bad I could hardly carry myself upright. I was devastated by this. After a few days rest the pain subsided dramatically. A week or two before the Natls I was able to do live practice. But my mental game was down. I had doubts in my game. But I kept telling myself Im still the same shooter I was, but the doubts wont leave me. I decided to attack the prob, its when I thought of the pustahan w/ my buddies. I wanted to intimidate myself. It was meant to settle the issue for myself at least one time. The amount shouldnt be too small to ignore and my kapustahan should be at par or better than me, for this to be effective for my purpose. Post match: I thought I shot the match to my best ability. I lost sa pustahan, but in the process I won my confidence back and had valuable insights in my mental game.

and Its GOOD you guys noticed the difference between the 2 matches. Before this, I knew the 2 were not the same but I couldnot put my finger on it. What and where are the differences? I couldnot see them. I dont see it as a Glock vs a 2011 issue. It was more of a software issue, i think. That aggressiveness factor really scaped me. But it was there all along! Thanks guys!!!

But I can go to Glock anytime, Ans
will see, Im working on Sir A's inputs now so Im thinking of doing them w/ my Glock open set-up

PS: those preps were not meant exclusively for the said matches. I subscribe to the program to develop and improve my skills , my main goal. so, its a continuous work out. Those matches just coincided at that time w/ the overall/main goal. Im only a B class in std, so its a long long way. As long as I still enjoy the process, and the time permits, its no prob...
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