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Originally Posted by Scouse View Post
...... Has any one noticed? the crescents are backwards! You get more grip going the opposite way? Unless I am backwards?

Shoots like a dream, carry and IDPA, no malfunctions of any kind, love it!

Yeah, until just now, I thought I was the only one who noticed this - Good call! (Someone at the factory must be cross-eyed.) Purchased my 3rd. gen. G-19(RTF2) on Nov. 1st of last year. The witness cartridge envelope is stamped April, 2010. The serial number is, 'PEDxxx'.

Don't really care that the serrations are backwards. I really like the RTF2 finish; so, of course, it's already being changed.

Shoots like a dream! 1,500 rounds through it, so far, all without the slightest hiccup. (Not counting the crappy, 'Zone 3' sights the shady dealer talked me into buying.)

I don't see myself ever owning another 9mm Glock; but, I definitely like this one. Sure glad I didn't fall into the, 'Gen 4 hole' too.

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