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Originally Posted by bulm540 View Post
You look more aggressive with the Glock on some stages.
Originally Posted by st. matthew View Post
great shooting sir PG
sabi nga nila hindi ang pana kundi ang indian

mukhang mas aggressive ka nga pag naka glock.....kaya balik glock na
Originally Posted by ans3288 View Post
I agree uncle PG, or is it just an adjusting phase from glock to 2011?
I fully agree w/ you guys on the aggressiveness but I think it was due to my temperament in each of those matches. My mood was quite different in those two matches. And this is just another real-match example for my post in the PPSA Natls 2010 thread re mental game is different on each day... its a continuous study of one's self. This makes this sports very interesting and challenging.
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