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E85 is a great idea with a good tune. I'm thinking about it with my Allroad when I throw on my K04s.

Stutterbox 7k launch, DRs, 33-35 psi on E85 and that turbo will get you low 11s at sea level with a good R/T. My friend has a green 92. We built the shot out of it. Love those cars. Just wanted something new smelling and a bit more reliable.

Good luck, have fun and stay safe!

Originally Posted by Sleepr awd View Post
I've been told i'd need at least DR's to accomplish this, i've also been contemplating a switch to e85, which would allow me to run more timing and more boost (past 30psi that is). I should at least be able to hit low 11's with the current setup and then I can determine what i'd need to hit the top of 10s.

30psi should put me at around 500-550awhp. A friend has a 2.0l stock head/block making around that with the same sized turbo at around the same boost, so the displacement advantage should put me at about the same hopefully.

Also considering a switch of turbo's to a H1E or similarly sized turbo,

the 12.6 was full interior and removed the spare(s), with the small spare and full size spare in the trunk it was a 12.77. No drugs.... that i'll admit to... also cutting relatively crappy 60' times bc i had no stutterbox and it was the first time at the track. think 1.8/1.9 ish

I also don't know that they made them in Europe, I do know they made them in Japan and continue to make current generations of them. As for road racing, I'm afraid that could be more costly overall than my current venture. For relation, I believe the EVO 1-3 are fairly similar to teh GVR4
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