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Originally Posted by tehan2 View Post
in a perfect world, that's what I'd do, but the allroad is coming up on 200,000 miles this month, and even though I do the repairs myself (mostly) it's getting to the point of costing what it's worth. It's going to need a timing belt again, water pump, diverters, cam seals, etc, etc. . .and the turbos are original.

And there's the fact that we're a 3 car garage with 4 cars and a motorcycle already (and I'm looking at quads for the kids). If the kids were older, I'd keep it for them, but there's 8 years before the oldest gets her license.
That mileage changes my opinion.

If you can find an Aero cheap, go for it. Personally, It'd get a silver TBSS and toss in some HIDs and save 10k.
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