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Originally Posted by tehan2 View Post

tell me about the blazer. . . and compare it to your stage II allroad for me.

I also have a stage II allroad and I'm thinking of the SAAB 9-7x aero as a replacement. It's the same as the trailblazer SS with a few better creature comforts and slightly upgraded suspension. BUT I'm afraid I'll miss the allroad when it's gone
I like them both for different reasons. The Aero doesn't come with better suspension or any other options available with a 3SS TBSS. The TBSS has adjustable rear suspension, same engine, available nav, dvd etc. The only difference I can think of are HIDs and fancy Saab cupholders.

My allroad is a different kind of fun to drive. I added Hotchkis sway bars and dropped it via the 402 mod. The SS handles as well, maybe better. The SS brakes better. The SS is about as fast acceleration wise. Both top out around 140-150 mph. The allroad gets better mpg but not by much. They hold the same amount of cargo except the SS doesn't have a roof rack. (I think the Saab does have a rack).

I say keep the allroad and buy a TBSS. Probably 10k cheaper than the Aero.

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