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Originally Posted by Sleepr awd View Post
I've been informed by more urban individuals that drug dealers really like them because they can easily run from the cops in them. 2.0 turbo awd cars and all :P

I bought mine this way, but I like the look and the hx40 turbo with a 2.4 hybrid makes for pretty good times at the track. 12.6 @ 105 on street tires and 14psi, will be turning the boost up to 30 very very soon and looking for high 10s

I wouldn't run from the cops and expect to get away in a DSM without it breaking down first.

I don't think 10's are in the cards with that setup unless your GVR4 is stripped down to nothing and you are at sea level with a flawless 7k launch on 4 DRs. Just my opinion.

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