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Originally Posted by Sonnytoo View Post
I like mine just fine; use it a lot. But I needed IWB, so I used a scissors to trim it up a bit, and then had my shoe-repair guy sew on a snap and loop. I use this one a lot. I mean, it really does a good job.
And sorry I didn't really comment on the holster in question. I can't use OWB very easily here, since I'm always in shorts and a t-shirt.

The SHOT ShowCase
You have a shoe repair guy??? What century do you live in???

Lol that is one awesome holster, I am very impressed, If I still carried a Glock I would have to have you make me one....That is just sweet.

To the Op, the sport combat holster is one of the most comfortable and functional holsters made, the fact it costs 12 bucks doesnt count...the gun sits in the perfect spot, its totally secure, its lightweight, and super comfortable. Its the best deal in holsters you can get.....
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