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Originally Posted by Sonnytoo View Post
I like mine just fine; use it a lot. But I needed IWB, so I used a scissors to trim it up a bit, and then had my shoe-repair guy sew on a snap and loop. I use this one a lot. I mean, it really does a good job.
And sorry I didn't really comment on the holster in question. I can't use OWB very easily here, since I'm always in shorts and a t-shirt.

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Wow. That is awesome. Does that strap rotate at all? Is the holster stable?

To the OP. The Glock sport/combat holster is a sleeper. I thought that they were garbage for years because of how little they cost. Boy, was I wrong. Worth every penny of the $15 I spent on it. As mentioned, good ride height, pulls close to the body and good retention.
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